The Truth About Ice Cream And Summertime
I scream, you scream and apparently Mom screams because 40 percent of us are eating straight from the carton. It's true, in fact a new survey found 95% of people eat ice cream all year long, not just when it’s hot outside. Here are a few more results from the survey:

46% of people eat ice cream at le…
Top 5 Maine Shark Videos
Shark sightings in Maine seem to be on the rise. More cameras on the ocean means more footage of different types of sharks and unique behaviors. Here are the Top 5 Maine Shark Videos.
The Best Stephen King Tattoos [PHOTOS]
We love Stephen King. He is part of our lives and we're proud he's a Mainer. Take a look at 'The Best Stephen King Tattoos' of Stephen King....And coming soon, 'The Best Stephen KIng Tattoos' based on his stories.
How Patriotic Is Maine?
Source: WalletHub
The July 4th holiday is less than a week away and recently posting their finding of the '2016's Most Patriotic States'. To get their findings they used 12 key metrics, including the number of residents enlisted in the military, veterans per capita , 2012…
The Best States To Gain Weight In
Summer means food. You'll be out there grilling, eating pier fries at Old Orchard Beach, enjoying the summer beers, ales and hard teas and lemonades. That translates to gaining weight. I found an article on, where they ranked the fifty states on 'How much fun is it to get fat there?'

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