Halloween Candy That Will Get Your House Egged
In this world of a million types of just about everything under the sun there are just as many different tastes that go along with them.  That said when it comes to Halloween candy there are some options that honestly nobody likes...maybe but you.  Or maybe you are going for economy.
Maine Energy Efficiency Compared To Other States
A few years back I went through Penquis Cap and had an efficiency audit done on my home to take advantage of the many rebates the state of Maine offers towards increasing our homes efficiency, and it was great. However, were all these incentives enough to make most Mainers run efficient homes?
AARP List Of Best Foreign Cities To Retire In
These days with Social Security in question half the time and the American economy allowing inflation to have its way wit us many retirees have decided to take the funds they do have and head for places that your dollar will go further.  OK, the beaches aren't bad either. So if you think Bangor is t…
Top 5 Maine Black Bear Videos
Maine has about 22,000 Black Bears. They can run close to 25 mph, weigh up to 600 lbs and grow as tall as 6 feet. Sometimes, they end up in your backyard or on camera. Here are the Top 5 Maine Black Bear Videos.

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