Pet Of The Week

Sweet Pea Is The SPCA Of Hancock County’s Pet Of The Week
The cutest curly ears frame a delicate, pointy face. Sweet Pea is a breed of dog you don't see every day - she is a "potcake" dog from the Turks and Caicos Islands!
Wow, what a gorgeous and unique dog!  Sweet Pea is black and tan, with short, soft fur...
The SPCA Of Hancock County Pet Of The Week Is Miss Kitty!
Can you imagine how shaken up you'd be if you had a home for ten years, and then found yourself at a shelter? According to Miss Kitty, it's pretty alarming!
Miss Kitty is a short haired brown tabby cat with yellow-green eyes. We often see her curled up in her cubby hole, wondering when some…
Harper Is The SPCA Of Hancock County Pet Of The Week
Everyone knows that "gingers" have a little something special about them, and currently, there's a ginger cat at the SPCA of Hancock County that has that little "extra" about her.
Meet Harper, who's only 1 year-old, and she's more than ready for her …

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