Pet Of The Week

Harper Is The SPCA Of Hancock County Pet Of The Week
Everyone knows that "gingers" have a little something special about them, and currently, there's a ginger cat at the SPCA of Hancock County that has that little "extra" about her.
Meet Harper, who's only 1 year-old, and she's more than ready for her …
Ellie Is This Week’s SPCA Of Hancock County Pet Of The Week
Are you looking for a special cat? A cat who is tired of being homeless and wants nothing more than a safe place to settle down with a family of her very own? Consider meeting Ellie! 
Ellie has the biggest yellow eyes, the most fetching stripes and spots, and the sweetest white bib and belly
Lilly Is The SPCA Of Hancock County Pet Of The Week
At the SPCA, They've had some great adoptions happening recently, and the title "Longest-Term Adoptable Cat" has now passed to Lilly. We feel this is a good time to shine the spotlight on her!
Lilly has been searching for a home for nine months now...
These 4 Barn Cats Are The SPCA Of Hancock County’s Pets Of The Week
The SPCA has a special group of kitties who are looking for a barn home together. These four cats have embraced their wild side and formed a friendship that we don't want to break up. They each have a unique personality, and the four of them together make the perfect group to take care of …
Jimmy Is The SPCA Of Hancock County Pet Of The Week
A big brown dog with floppy ears stands tall on his back legs. Uh-oh, is he about to get in trouble? No! He's learning to climb a ladder! He's almost brave enough to take the first step with his back foot, but not quite yet.

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