What Is Your Favorite David Bowie Song? [POLL]
David Bowie, actor, musician, and Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer, passed away yesterday of cancer at the age of 69. The world has truly lost an artist.
Classic rock fans everywhere today are mourning his loss.  Everybody had a favorite Bowie song, what is yours...
What Are Your Favorite Songs By Bad Company? [POLL]
Paul Rodgers, the lead singer for Bad Company and once voted the best rock singer in England, is celebrating a birthday today, he's now 66.  So of course today we'd love to know what your favorite songs by Bad Company are!
Bad Company played with Lynyrd Skynyrd here in Bangor back in J…
What Are Your Favorite ZZ Top Songs? [POLL]
Billy Gibbons, the very talented and hairy guitarist with ZZ Top is celebrating his 66th birthday!  We just love that "Little ol' band from Texas," and today, we want to know what your absolute favorite songs by them are.
Album VS. Album: Hotel California VS. Rumours [POLL]
Chances are, if you graduated from high school in either 1976 or 1977, then you wore the heck out of these two LPs or cassettes!  They were both an important part of the sound track of the seventies and they go head to head today in Album VS. Album!
Remember, you can only vote for one!
Album VS. Album: Dark Side Of The Moon VS. The Wall [POLL]
It was a different era.  A time when students would sit in their dorm room and listen to an entire album.  They were called concept albums, and the songs and lyrics had meaning.  Pink Floyd was very good at creating concept albums: Here's two of the best, and you can only choose …
Album VS Album: Boston VS Bad Company [POLL]
There you are, stranded on a deserted island somewhere in the Caribbean with the girl from the Hannah and her Horse DirecTV commercials.  The bad news is that you can only have ONE of these two albums with you.  Damn!
Which one would it be...

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