Steamrolling Your Golf Balls [VIDEO]
Over the year just about every human on the planet has used a golf ball.  Some of us like Putt Putt some go for an 18 hole golf course but these guys are the first ones I've seen take a swing at one with an 8 ton steamroller. I confess, I was as surprised as they were how the whole little …
The Big Papi Farewell [VIDEO]
Perhaps Clay Buchholz said it best last night. 'I haven't cried after a baseball game since little league but tonight was different.' It was time to say goodbye to David Ortiz. Once and for all.
Extreme Biker Helmet Cam Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat
Not often we get to see firsthand what it's like to rip down one of the heaviest downhill mountain bike tracks ever created, through the GoPro view of the course creator himself, Dan Atherton. He designed the course for a Red Bull Hardline event and I have got to say there is probably not enough caf…
Check Out ‘Billy Jean’ Benintendi [VIDEO]
Red Sox rookie Andrew Benintendi brought out his inner Michael Jackson last night for the postgame win celebration that Red Sox outfielders starting doing this year. The players call it 'win dance repeat' and one player gets to dance while the other two outfielders pretend to take a pictur…

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