Made In Maine Video – Nailed It!
Made In Maine' video that is taking the internet by storm was created by a Brewer brother and sister team. Rachel Caron who currently lives in New York pursuing a musical theatre career and her brother Jacob who is a freelance film maker living in Los Angeles.
Ad For Patriots Fans From Bud Lite Will Make You Laugh [VIDEO]
This is one funny video from the folk at Bud Lite with perfect timing too since today is National Belly Laugh Day. In case you didn't know laughter has been shown to expand increase blood flow and in turn makes you feel more positive, boosts your immune systems and generally just makes us feel …
Ellsworth Bar Releases Funny Video [VIDEO]
An Ellsworth night spot has released a funny video for it's establishment. It's sort of a music video for the bar that changes the lyrics of Pink Floyd's "Money" to showcase the businesses events throughout the week.

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