OK, this is just too funny to me anyway.  I heard about this dialect webpage through vsauce and gave it a whirl on the I-95 webpage.  What it does is instantly convert your pages into the dialect of your choosing. And if you don’t think seeing a news story written as delivered by Elmer Fudd it’s funny I dare you not to laugh.

Here was the original story from our webpage…

There’s no doubt about it.

If you follow the news, you know our law enforcement personnel face increasingly dangerous situations as criminals become more brazen and well equipped to cause a lot of damage and personal injury.

While people want to feel secure, people are curious as to why Maine’s law enforcement agencies need mine resistant, armored personnel carriers like the ones that have been distributed lately to local law enforcement agencies across the country by the Pentagon.

Elmer Fudd dialect

Dewe’s no doubt about it.

If you fowwow the news, you know ouw waw enfowcement pewsonnew face incweasingwy dangewous situations as cwiminaws become mowe bwazen and weww eqwipped to cause a wot of damage and pewsonaw injuwy.

Whiwe peopwe want to feew secuwe, peopwe awe cuwious as to why Maine’s waw enfowcement agencies need mine wesistant, awmowed pewsonnew cawwiews wike the ones that have been distwibuted watewy to wocaw waw enfowcement agencies acwoss the countwy by the Pentagon, uh-hah-hah-hah.

Redneck dialect

Thar’s no doubt about it.

Eff'n yo' foller th' noos, yo' knows our law info'cement varmintnel face increasin'ly dangerous situashuns as criminals become mo'e brazen an' fine equipped t'cuz a lot of damage an' varmintal injury.

While varmints be hankerin' t'feel secure, varmints is curious as t'whuffo' Jawja’s law info'cement ajuncies need mine resistant, armo'ed varmintnel carriers like th' ones thet haf been distributed lately t'local law info'cement ajuncies acrost th' country by th' Pentagon, as enny fool kin plainly see.

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