E-Cigarettes are the latest thing and on the surface seem like a good thing but just yesterday I  was reading an article the on the dangerous levels of nicotine they can deliver and now this.

Imagine you plug the sucker, no pun intended, into your computer to charge and it begins shooting flames across the room.  That is exactly what happened to a Atlanta native who claimed her E-cig turned into a fire bomb.

Elizabeth Wilkowski told a her local TV station that she plugged the device into her computer's USB port to charge it, and the cigarette exploded, shooting a four-foot flame across her living room, charring a rug and a sofa. "It sounded like a bomb. My walls rattled. It shook the house up. I screamed...If I hadn't had been home, I would have lost my dogs, I would have lost my cats, I would have lost my house," Wilkowski told the news station.

Is there a safe alternative to regular smokes? Appears it may just be time to quit.