Now not every helpful outlet will let you tip their worker during the Holiday season but if there is no rule against it it is a great time to show your appreciation for a job well done. So now the question is do you have enough tip money for all the service providers who make your life smoother, easier and safer throughout the year  When compiling a list of those who make you life easier you might consider for a Holiday tip: personal trainers, hair stylists, housekeepers, dog walkers, golf pros, tennis instructors, pool cleaners, plumbers, gardeners, school bus drivers, snow plow drivers and just about every other service person on the face of the earth who may have aided you in some way. Now the question becomes how much?

Here are a few suggested tip amounts and ideas;

-Newspaper delivery person: $10-30

-Trash and recycling collector: $10-30

-Building handyman: $15-50

-Dog walker: up to a week’s pay

-Massage therapist: cost of one visit