You may think saying your husband looks cute trying to fix the lawn mower is music to his ears, but he's hearing a different tune. Women's words of praise can sit the wrong way with their spouses. relationship expert Whitney Casey shares a few compliments that men don’t enjoy hearing:

  • "I'm amazed you were able to fix the leaky faucet." Don't act surprised when he pulls off a project without professional help. Telling a man you're 'shocked' by his capabilities is a huge hit to his self-esteem.
  • "I fold the laundry this way, but thanks for trying without me asking." Nix "trying" from your complimentary vocabulary. He thinks he's done something great by pitching in, but that gets shot down quickly when he takes 'trying' as 'it wasn't good enough.'
  • "You're so cute!" Your man would rather not be lumped into the same category as puppies and babies.
  • "This gift isn't quite my taste, but it's the thought that counts." Tell him he's thoughtful, yes. But even if the necklace he chose for Valentine's Day is the last piece of jewelry you would've picked, stay mum.