On Christmas Day a little white dog was found wandering the streets of Belfast. He didn't look like he belonged outdoors.  According to an article in today's Bangor Daily News, Sgt. John Gibbs of the Belfast Police Department said, “It was a cute little dog. It was clean, manicured, it looked like a well maintained-dog, and it was cold out.”

Belfast PD Facebook photo

Usually when a local police department posts a lost dog or cat on its Facebook page it doesn't take long at all to claim ownership, but it hasn't happened yet. This six to seven pound well maintained dog believed to be a West Highland White Terrier has people baffled and the cops worried.

Did the dog jump from a car that was traveling through town?  Does it belong to someone who is suffering somewhere in town?

“I’d like to know who lost it. I can’t imagine someone ditched it on Christmas Day”, said Sgt Gibbs.

If you know anything about this dog then you're asked to call the Belfast PD at 338-2040.

By the way, if the Facebook response is any indication, numerous people would love to take this dog home!