In what is obviously a Senior prank, a Craigslist post today offers a local high school for sale. Well, for sale or trade. Jacked up trucks will be considered!

Listed under 'general for sale' is the following information;

"Brewer High School for Sale $2014 (79 Parkway South Brewer Maine - Getting ready to graduate and move away for college and am looking for some pocket change. Looking for $2014 OBO. The high school comes fully equipped with broken/nonfunctioning laptops, occasional gas leaks and pipe bursts, and a stud of a resource officer (gotta love those teeth). Will consider doing trades for jacked up trucks for sitting in Hannaford parking lot, large supply of Red Man chew, or a football team that will beat a class C school. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call anytime between the hours of 8a.m and 3p.m or email me at bdoyle at breweredu org. Thanks!"

Not since my son graduated and members of his class climbed on the front of the school and removed a few letters from the sign so it read "BEER HIGH SCHOOL" has a senior prank made me laugh so hard. Well done, folks. Very funny!