The driver of a Jeep tried to avoid a horse-drawn carriage, but clipped the back of it. No one was hurt in the accident.

State Police said in a press release today that it was just after 6 this morning when Zachary Jones was traveling west on the Conant Road in Easton. He crested the top of a hill and did not see the horse drawn carriage on the shoulder of the westbound travel lane.

Jones attempted to avoid the carriage but struck the back corner and rear wheel. The Jeep skidded across the opposite lane and back onto the roadway where it finally stopped.

The carriage was driven by 19-year-old John Miller and contained passengers 16-year-old Noah Glick, 41-year-old Lydiann Miller, 47-year-old Naomi Gloick, and 18-year-old Ada Miller. No one was injured in the crash. The horses were also not injured.

No charges will be filed.