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Nothing ruins a great day in the sun like a wretched sunburn. You might not know this but there are loads of things in your pantry that you can whip out immediately to treat yourself. Here are a few unconventional sunburn remedies you may already have at home:

  1. Tomato juice: The good thing about tomato juice is it's acidic but it doesn't hurt when you apply it to sensitive, burnt skin.
  2. Vinegar: Simply apply a light mist of distilled white or apple cider vinegar with a spray bottle to the burnt area. Using vinegar also reduces the likelihood of forming blisters.
  3. Skim milk: This milky cure requires you mix one part skim milk with four parts cold water, then soak a washcloth in the mixture. Apply the washcloth to irritated areas for a half hour every four hours to ease the pain.
  4. Cold tea bags: After steeping four tea bags in warm water, remove the used bags. Then drench a washcloth in the tea and cover your burnt areas. It's recommended that you do this ASAP after the burn occurs, as well as before bed.