So if you've been following my progress or the lack there of the tale continues...

For those of you just tuning in.  The Susan G Komen Foundation and Back Door Dance Studio have teamed up to do a fund raiser "Dancing Like the Stars".  The came to Town Square Media and asked if anyone would be willing to take it on and I have no idea what I was thinking but I said OK.

Enter, last Thursday Samantha Hammond of WLBZ scheduled participants to come in to shoot a commercial for the event on March 9th.  Poor, Mellisa Kim was out sick and many others had scheduling conflicts (or did they know something we didn't?).  Regardless,  Nicki Farrnham and I were the fodder of the day. Over all it was fun.  You can tell we've only had a few lessons so far. Here are the outtakes.  Now, maybe you can see why I need you to give me votes of confidence ahead of time...Yikes!

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