For many years now I have emceed the Bangor Komen Race for the Cure.  I love these folks and can see the steady progress in cancer treatments and survivors.  I've lost a friend and Aunt to breast cancer and I know how many of us can say that very same thing, so whatever they need me for I'm in.  Enter, Dancing Like the Stars...I'll be representing I-95 and you.

The show will be held on March 9th at Husson's Gracie Theatre and I have agreed to Dance for....well, money.  Donations to be exact for the Susan G Komen Foundation which supports many local programs and education.  Sounds easy enough right?

So yesterday I meet my coach Dave with the Back Door Dance Studio. A very nice man and one heck of a dancer.  So far so good...then he begins to describe the way he intends to lift me over his back somersault style and them I supposedly  land on my feet and keep dancing.  I actually had the inclination during his description to turn around and make sure he was really talking to me. But given that I was the only other person in the room at the time I am pretty sure the feet in the air will be mine.

I'll try to remember clean underwear.

I'll do it of course.  I'm game and after an hour or the high energy practices a little gamey if you really want to know. We've had only a few practices so far and I admit I am sore in a few places...but all for a great cause and here is how you can encourage me and help keep going. They are calling it a vote of confidence and they'll cost you a dollar a piece.  So if you think I can do this please click here and vote.