You know I like my coffee as much as the next guy and more than some.  That said, I have also pushed the envelope in the past to cold sweats and not being able to sleep, so I find it hard to imagine myself brewing this stuff on purpose.

How about you? For the caffeine junkie this is a cup of coffee to die for. Death Wish Coffee bills itself as “the world’s strongest coffee” that offers more than double the caffeine found in a regular cup.

A cup of coffee contains about 320 milligrams of caffeine. By contrast, 16 ounces of Death Wish rings in with about 660 milligrams. The company, which refers to “sissy Starbucks” on its website, is so proud of its potent brew that it offers to buy back your Death Wish if you can find a stronger blend.

How'd they do that? The Death Wish Coffee Company couldn't go too in depth with its roasting process without revealing too much of its trade secrets. Death Wish Coffee Company claims that its coffee beans are organically-grown and fair-traded. The coffee is roasted to a medium dark to give Death Wish its strong and robust taste.

The coffee costs about $20 a pound. Click here to buy if you have the nerve.