A stray bullet from a deer hunter's gun narrowly missed a woman and her dogs but ended up being embedded in the side of her house.

Yesterday morning around 7:30, Old Orchard Beach homeowner Toni MacQuinn and her two dogs were behind her house on the Cascade Road standing beside the clothes line when she heard the gunshots.  She could hear the bullets hitting the leaves on the ground.  She then saw the two hunters and hollered for them to stop.  She said the hunters didn't stop right away.

According to WMTW Channel 8 television in Portland, MacQuinn said, "The other guy was on his truck, the back of the truck, with the thing aimed and with his orange hat on firing right towards this house".

Old Orchard Police and Game Wardens identified the hunters as local Town Councilor and business owner Tony Blow and local developer Tim Swenson. They also found bullets lodged in MacQuinn's backyard fence. The investigation will continue before any charges are filed.

State law prohibits shooting within 300 feet of a home, some local town and city laws are much stricter.