It's back to school! My Facebook feed has been bombarded with photo's of friends sending their little ones or not so little ones off to school. Yes, yes it's that time of year again when parents have to wrestle the kiddos out of the bed in the morning. 'Kid' needs that every once in a while.

Before you send the kiddos on the bus don't forget to pack their lunch! And now, you can pack their lunch in a stylish brown paper lunch sack...that costs $300!!!!!!!

Absolute craziness! Designer Jill Sander’s has created the Vasari bag. It looks like your regular ol' brown paper sack...well...actually that's about it...its an expensive paper bag.

The Vasari bag is made of durable coated paper with stitched seams, metal eyelets and a coveted designer logo. Over-kill?! Nope! Over kill would be shelling out $630 for a version in black leather!

Apparently Jill Sander's doesn't realize I can get a 20 pack of bags that look the same at a dollar store.