Today is Tommy Lee's birthday, the drummer of Motley Crue has lived to see 51.  When Motley Crue performed in Bangor this year everyone commented on Tommy's 360 drum kit. The kit was on roller coaster tracks and while doing a solo Tommy went for the ride of his life.

Lindsey Buckingham is 64 today.  Of course Lindsey is still the guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, and the band plays in Glasgow England tonight.  It was a definite moment in rock n roll history the other night when Christine McVie joined the band onstage for the first time in 15 years.

On this date in 2000, Benjamin Orr, the bassist and singer of The Cars passed away of pancreatic cancer. he was only 53.  Benjamin, along with Ric Ocasek, made two very fine singers for the band.