Indiana's finest, John Mellencamp, is celebrating his 62nd birthday today!  John's been a staunch supporter of the American farmer and  Farm Aid since it's beginning, way back when, when he was John Cougar.  He always comes through when one's in need of a "little ditty".

It was on this date back in 1981 that Bella Donna, the first solo album by Stevie Nicks was released. Stevie looked so very attractive and bewitching standing on the cover holding up a white dove.  I remember seeing Stevie perform in Portland a year or so later, and especially took notice of all the beautiful "Stevie wannabes"  that graced the audience that night.

Bella Donna -Modern Records - 1981

Sting will make an appearance on the new Michael J. Fox NBC TV show later this year.  It will be a holiday themed show and it will be themed this week.  Sting appeared in concert at Bangor's Waterfront this past spring and received great reviews. He is one of rock's finest musicians.

Kevin Godley, the singer, drummer, video pioneer and founder of the 70s group 10cc, has a birthday today, he is 68.  He was the one who told us  that "big girls don't cry"  in the song "I'm Not In Love".