This date in 1976, the Steve Miller Band had the #1 song on the charts with "Rock N' Me."  I remember in high school I had everyone convinced that Steve Miller was my brother, until he came to town.

Actress Emma Stone is all of 25 years old today.  Emma's been in some pretty classy flicks like The Help, although I enjoyed her most in Easy A and Zombieland.

Boston had the #1 song on the charts on this date in 1986. It was Amanda, and it was from the band's album, Third Stage, which took eight years to make. God made heaven and earth in six days. Seems that Boston wasted a lot of time.

Maine's largest city, Portland, voted yesterday to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Cheech and Chong would be proud.

Pringles has a new flavored chip, Pecan Pie. Man I wish I had a can right now at this very moment!! Not.

Today is Glen Frey's 65th birthday. Glen along with Don Henley founded the Eagles back in the early 7os. They are truly America's super group. Glen once said that the Eagles would have sounded like Air Supply if Don Henley wasn't in the band. Kinda hard to imagine after listening to the following song.