The great Joe Walsh is 66 today!  Joe started out with the James Gang way back when and then joined up with the Eagles in 1975, all the while continuing with his solo career!   You've also seen him on the tube and on the big screen, guest starring on shows like the Drew Carey show, and appearing at the end of the Blues Brothers movie as a prisoner during the Jailhouse Rock scene.

Joe is married to Marjorie Bach, who is actress Barbara Bach's sister.  Barbara is married to Ringo Starr.

Our favorite 10 is 57 years old today! Every male specie on the planet carries the image of actress Bo Derek running slowly across the beach in the 1979 movie with Dudley Moore.

And Massachusetts native Norman Greenbaum is 71 today. Norman's claim to flame is the 1969 song Spirit In The Sky. Greenbaum said that he was inspired to write the song after watching Dolly Parton and Porter Wagner on television. Just think what he would have come up with had he seen Dick Stacy's Country Jamboree.