Today marks the 12th anniversary of when President George Bush threw out the first pitch in Game 3 of the World Series. The game came shortly after September 11th when America was still in a state of shock and disbelief.  It happened in Yankee Stadium, and the feelings of strength, security and healing began.

Timothy B. Schmit, the singer-bassist for the Eagles is 66 today.  Timothy has recovered from a bout with cancer and is currently touring with the band.  The next show for the Eagles is this Monday night in Montreal.

On this date in rock history, Jim Morrison of the Doors was sentenced to eight months in jail for indecent exposure and profanity for a performance in Miami.  The sentence was appealed, then Morrison died, and the rest was history.

Today is Henry Winkler's birthday!  The actor from "Happy Days" who played Fonzie is now 68 years old, and still wondering if he should have "jumped the shark"!

There has been a mysterious barge moored in Portland Harbor for a couple of weeks now, and there's one that looks just like off the coast of San Francisco.  People have been speculating as to what they may be.  Some have said that they're pre-built sections of a modular building that will be erected somewhere.  But now folks have noticed the computer lingo painted on the sides of the barges, and they now think that they may be part of some floating tech center owned by Google.  Can we handle the suspense?  Will we ever know for sure?  As long as they're not filled with explosives, does anyone care?

Today is Grace Slick's birthday, one of the founding members of the Jefferson Airplane is now 74!