I laughed when I read the latest look into America's television habits because I had recently  unsubscribed to Netflix for this very reason...Binge viewing. For me it was Fringe binging and I don't know what was the defining moment for me when I decided I didn't want to continue to do this. perhaps realizing all the time I had set glued to the set or the surprising bummed out feeling I got when I knew I had finally seen them all and new there weren't any more new episodes for me.  Anyway, turns out millions of us “binge watch” out favorite TV show. Whether like me you watch multiage episodes on Netflix or store them up on our DVR until you get a weekend free, watching episode after episode after episode has become a popular thing to do.

According to research, the US is way ahead of the rest of the world in its TV addiction with the members of an average American household collectively watch more than eight hours of television a day. I probably average 2 which made me feel a little better since that puts me almost in line with Sweden, the country least addicted who watch less than two hours a day.