Sometimes cleaning out a small space you use frequently can be enough spring cleaning and because you are in them all the time you will appreciate it more.  I also find picking one hidden space per year makes me feel a little more settled inside.

Small space #1 The closet.

Take a moment in the spring to haul out all the winter stuff you just didn’t wear, particularly if you didn’t wear it last year either.  Use a contractor garbage bag to hold stuff you will donate and don’t hesitate to throw out thing you wouldn’t want the receiver to know it came from you. If you feel anxious  set the bag aside for one year(if you have the space) and once the year is up donate without looking in the bag again.

Now get yourself new hangers with turn-able hooks.  Your clothes will take up less room if they are all hung in the same direction.

Hidden space #2 Under the bed

Now for me my bunny likes to sleep under the bed so it can get a little scary.  First thing I did that helped was investing in glides for under the legs on the bed.  The nice thing about under the bed is it is such a small space it goes quickly with a vacuum and damp cloth.  Really want to go to town? Turn your mattress and wash all the bedding like dust ruffles and mattress covers.  Don’t want to?  You know the most important thing to remember when you choose to clean anything you are making progress.

Small Space #3 The catch all

Anytime you can clear a flat surface your house is going to seem cleaner and more organized, regardless as to whether it is or not. Here is a little trick.  Get a laundry basket and clear the space completely into it.  Now wipe down and clean the spot and put back the few if any items that actually belong there.  Now take the basket into another room and sit with it and a trash can.  You’ll be amazed how many things will just hit the can.  A lot of thing will have actual places they belong and some may need to be filed.

You can actually do this with one space per week or month and eventually you’ll have you place clean.  Want to make it fun and keep it simple? Set a timer and when that sucker dings you are done until the next time. I think this helps me because I don’t really want to do it so knowing there is a time limit on it makes it feel less daunting.