According to a brand new survey put out by Whiskas, 95% of cat owners considered their cat a member of their family.I think that it's probably the other way around, your cat more than likely considers you fortunate enough to be a member of their family!

Other outcomes of the Whiskas poll found:

64% of people based their opinions on other people as to how their cat reacted to the visitor.

One in ten said that they would rather cuddle with their cat than their partner.

87% reported that their cat eases their day to day stress levels by generating "a feeling of calm".

72% said that their cat pays special attention to them when they are not feeling well.

Now here's the big one.  53% of the respondents say that they talk to their cat.  Understandable.  But, does your cat talk back to you?

Don't be ashamed.  Have you given your feline a special voice that he or she answers you with?  Do you actually stand there in the kitchen at night, maybe cooking dinner or washing the dishes and have a little converstation with the ruler of the house.....your cat?

In my family we have given our cats their own voices, most sound like something out of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, and they're always setting us humans straight!

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