It's my favorite movie. I've come to accept this fact, although I used to consider my favorite to be 'Rear Window.' I mean, I can't hear the name 'That Thing You Do' without humming the title tune or quoting the characters. And now, it's being shown for free in Downtown Bangor! Don't miss it!

River City Cinema is a non-profit that offers free movies every Friday night in Pickering Square. You can bring your own chair (or even a couch, as board member Gibran Graham told me once happened), a blanket in case it gets chilly, and your own refreshments to enjoy the flick. Or, and this is what organizers hope you'll do, purchase incredibly affordable concessions at the show, with the money helping to pay for the films.

This summer's theme is 'Friday Night Fever,' and all the movies have a musical theme, although they're not all musicals. This Friday night, just after 8:30, 'That Thing You Do,' starring and directed by Tom Hanks, will be on the big screen.

If you've never seen the film (is there anyone like that?), it centers around a group of four guys in a music group known as the Wonders. (Not the One-ders) They get a gig after winning a local talent competition ("Ohhh Yeahhhh!! Wicked!!") and are then picked up by a talent scout. ("How would you like to hear 'That Thing You Do' on the radio?") He introduces them to Mr. White, played by Hanks, who is an executive with Playtone Records. ("He's the smart one. I like that") And the next thing they know, they're on a rock 'n roll tour, then Hollywood, have to watch the movie to find out. ("It's a very common tale.")

I love this movie! (did I mention that?) As a matter of fact, Jim and I love it so much that I'm questioning whether I should go on Friday night. See...we're those annoying people who quote many of the lines just before they're heard on the screen. We just can't help ourselves! (I have a pig in competition down at the livestock show,and I'm gonna win that blue ribbon!) But the fact is, I probably won't be able to stay away!

Oh yeah, next Friday, July 31st, River City Cinema will show 'Pitch Perfect,' starring Maine's own Anna Kendrick. I think we all have to show up to support the local girl!