Remember when I was at the Home Show a few weeks ago I urged you to take advantage of Efficiency Maine's Free Energy Audit.  Well, I did.

Meet Mike Bonney, my energy auditor from Penquis Cap.  He came by this morning and we went through my home to see where I could tighten thing up. We started by using an infrared heat detector to check the insulation in my walls. Stud showed up white and the EMPTY walls were dark. Boo. So if you felt a warm breeze blow by your face outside in January chances are it came from my house.

then we moved to the door blower unit that shows you all the places cold air leak in and warm air leak out.

My windows were pretty tight.  My outlets are very leaky. My doors need new weather stripping. My attic didn't have nearly in insulation in it I thought it did and the hatch was as good as an open hole. My basement draws in such a draft my hair was blowing back.  Wow.

This was a very informative meeting.  Next week I'll have the full audit and recommendations in my hand along with a list of Penquis Cap approved contractors who specialize in weatherization. Best of all, along with a warmer house and lower utility bills, he estimated 50%, most of the improvements come with a tax credit that will help defer the cost.

Worth doing? Absolutely! Here is the rub.  The funds to do these audits is limited so if you think your home could use some improvements now is probably the time to contact Efficiency Maine or Penquis Cap to find out more.