Another nut-bag in Bath is apparently using household items as a weapon...

Bath, you're coming unglued! Two weeks ago we told you a wonderful story about a moron who allegedly smashed a Bath cop car with a bat, resulting in him being tased. Well, it looks like Bath PD had another wack-a-doo to deal with. Bath Police were called to an apartment building on Middle Street yesterday afternoon, after a dude allegedly went crazy on his downstairs neighbor.

Corey Hagan, 34, allegedly assaulted his 60 year-old downstairs neighbor...with...wait for it...a COOKING POT!

His neighbor was taken to MidCoast Hospital with a head injury...and probably one hell of a headache.

Police found Hagan a few hours later and arrested him. He's charged with aggravated assault, and thankfully is being held without bail at Two Bridges Jail.