Hey, a local moron!

Ah, Bath Maine. Home of big ol' destroyers, my old high school and the site of a serious mental breakdown. A dude who claimed he 'had nothing to live for and wanted to be arrested,' got his wish. This was after police received a complaint about a dude that had left the Atlantic Townhouses apartment complex, wedding a bat.

Bath police Cpl. Michelle Small found the 22 year-old suspect walking around the Shaw's supermarket parking lot. As Small rolled up on the dude, he smacked the cruiser with the bat. The strike damaged the right side mirror.

Small and now Officer Shaun Cavanaugh ordered the man several times to drop the bat. He didn't. Instead Mr. Louisville Slugger threw the bat at Cavanaugh, prompting Small to fire his taser.

The dude was arrested and taken to Mid Coast Hospital for much needed evaluation. While there he allegedly punched Officer Cavanaugh in the face.

The case would be reviewed to see whether charges would be filed. Let's hope 'Bat man' gets the help he needs...