A New Jersey man is kicking off his trek across America this morning in Portland.Thomas Francine is walking his way cross country to show faith in humanity. Thomas says the world is a lot safer place than people think, which is why he's setting off on this journey.

Thomas said he's hitchhiked close to 26,000 miles in his life. His adventures also include hitching from Turkey to Denmark and back. He survives only from those who offer him shelter and food. He brought along a camera to document the tour. His film "The Greater Good: A Hitchhiker's Prospective,' was showed at the New jersey Film Festival and The Black Maria Film and Video Festival. He says he's never had a bad experience traveling.

Thomas decided to kick off his adventure in Portland because of its reputation for being a small, friendly city. He added, he wanted to start by the Atlantic Ocean and a change from starting in his home state of New Jersey.

Thomas will be packing a tent, a few changes of clothes, food and hygiene items. He will not pay to stay in hotels, only staying in a tent unless offered a bed by people he meets along the way.

He says his cross country walk should take him five months to a year.