This past Monday night, the Blue Hill planning board approved a plan for a new 4,000 square foot business development on South Street in Blue Hill.  The new venture would be owned by Chuck and Belinda Lawrence, owners of Tradewinds Market directly across the street.

There was some opposition to the development.  In the past, the former owner of the land parcel said that he would not have sold it had he known that it would add to South Street ending up looking like High Street in Ellsworth one day.  Some residents were very concerned that adding a Dunkin Donuts would increase the "corporate culture" of the area, decreasing property values and the influx of tourists to the area.

In the end, the planning board approved the development plan, and said that it was good that so many people took an interest.  They said that they hoped that the interest in things like this remained strong so that one day the town of Blue Hill could develop more zoning ordinances and  a comprehensive plan.

Planning board member Marcia Henderson  said of Chuck Lawrence, "What we have here is a guy from Blue Hill, who has showed us the building, who has a history of doing things right".

Chuck Lawrence said last night, "I love Blue HIll. I wouldn’t do anything that would negatively affect this place.

Get ready for coffee and donuts in Blue Hill!

"Oh, baby. Meet me, on South Street, Oh, yeah, Hurry on down. Come on now, Meet me on South Street, The hippest street in town".  - South Street, by The Orlons, 1963.