When it comes to all the technological wonders of the world nothing has improved my life like my DVR.  Not only is it easy to choose what you want to record in advance but if I feel sleepy while watching a program, I hit record and go to bed. Versus falling asleep on the couch, missing the end of the program, then laying in bed all night after that unable to go back to sleep and thinking how stupid I was...See the difference:)

That said, I was not too surprised to read a new huge study from Motorola just published about the way America watches television, and it's got some interesting data about the way we use our DVRs.

Apparently, 41-percent of the stuff we record never gets watched, which is crazy because, apparently, 30-percent of all of the TV watched is recorded. So basically we're trigger happy—we're recording more than we could ever watch.

Guilty, cause you just never know when there is isn't going to be anything on TV and I want to be prepared.