Wow, now I have a whole new way to hate multitasking. And obviously attractive at any stage of your life never came into the thought process.  So here goes, Burger King has created the hands-free Whopper holder, a plastic device that hangs from your neck and places your Whopper inches from your mouth. All extraneous movement has been removed from the burger-eating process, including the act of bending your arms to bring the sandwich closer to your mouth.

Whopper lovers are then free to perform all of their favorite or pressing tasks while enjoying the flame-broiled goodness of Burger King's signature sandwich.

This real item was created to celebrate its 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico, the fast-food chain gave away 50 hands-free Whopper holders. The holders went to the members of the Burger King loyalty program with the 50 highest scores. No word yet on whether the hands-free Whopper device will be made available to a broader consumer base. It's also not clear as to what will happen if you stick a McDonald’s Big Mac in it.

And Holy Cr#! It Isn't even original.  However at least this one is kidding but sadly close.

Don't look for me to be strappin' on the feedbag anytime soon.