Yo ho!  It isn't every day that Elton John hits New England so heads up, next month Elton John and Bono will be singing for the rich and giving to the poor, as they headline the 25th anniversary gala for the Robin Hood Foundation, which raises money for New York City's poverty-fighting organizations.

Want to attend this glamorous event?  Well, remember they're singing for the rich. A limited number of tickets are available...at $3,000 each.  Want to buy a table?  That'll set you back anywhere from 30 grand to 250 grand.  Call 212-245-6570 for more information.

Reports are that in addition to the Sir Elton and the U2's Bono, Mary J. Blige will also perform at the May 13 gala, which will be co-chaired by Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel.

Since it started back in 1988, Robin Hood’s annual gala has become the largest single-night annual fundraising event for a nonprofit in New York, according to Bloomberg.  In the past 25 years, the Robin Hood Foundation has raised and distributed more than $1.25 billion dollars.  Most recently, it distributed over $70 million raised for Hurricane Sandy relief via the star-studded 12-12-12 concert.