Summer in Maine is rich with live music performance.

Festivals and concerts are as musically diverse as the communities in which they're hosted, and most people would agree that live music enhances every event.

The evidence proving the benefits of music in people's lives is endless, from teaching young people with disabilities to communicate and sing, to bringing steps and memories back in to the life of a geriatric patient, to simple entertainment and relaxation.

Music is important to society, as a universal language that unifies. A discipline that teaches persistence for perfection, listening, and team work.

This Sunday the Bangor waterfront will come alive once again with live music, and The Gifts of Music hopes you'll stop by their table during the Sun of a Beach festival.

It's time for full disclosure here!

I started The Gifts of Music non-profit organization with the support of amazing and compassionate people who believe that supporting music education in Maine is not a luxury, rather a necessity.

The Gifts of Music, or TGOM, provides instruments, scholarships, and grants to support music education in Maine, and it's done solely through your donations, musician memberships, and fundraisers.

In just a few years of being in operation, TGOM has "gifted" instruments to music educators in Maine on behalf of deserving students. Our first summer music camp scholarships were given out this summer, and our second scholarship for participation the Bangor Youth Symphony will be given out in the fall.

TGOM has instruments that need to be repaired for the start of school music programs in the fall and contributions support that effort.

Come enjoy the summer sun and musical fun on the Bangor waterfront this Sunday and show your support for The Gifts of Music.


Cameron Billings-TGOM Summer Music Camp Scholarship Recipient 2013
Rachel Lloyd Taylor-TGOM Summer Music Camp Scholarship Recipient 2013