Here's video footage of the Exxon pipeline breakage in Mayflower Arkansas this past Friday. The Pegasus pipeline ruptured and 84,000 gallons leaked out in this neighborhood. Police have set up road blocks keeping residents away from their homes in this subdivision. The clean up continues today. Just imagine.

The spill in this small town has continued the discussion of  the environmental dangers of using aging pipelines to transport heavy crude from Canada, including tar sands, as a boom in oil and gas production in North America increases volumes moving across our country.

Here in Maine, there has been confusing information circulating that Portland Pipe Line Corporation may have plans to transport oil from the tar sands in Alberta Canada through the southern part of the state. The company claims they currently have no plans to do so, but are exploring "market potential".

Portland Pipe Line Corporation has a very good track record, as it has pumped oil through a 236 mile underground pipeline between Montreal and South Portland since 1941, experiencing only one spill of 2,500 gallons back in 1987.