BANGOR, Maine -- City officials on Thursday unveiled this new sculpture at its permanent home on the Bangor Waterfront. Created by Japanese artist, Koichi Ogino, the untitled granite work was sculpted as part of this summer's Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium at the University of Maine.

The artist has said he wanted to allow onlookers to interpret the meaning of the piece for themselves. That being the case, we here at Townsquare Media wanted to let you offer your thoughts on the sculpture and maybe come up with a name (not that anyone's necessarily looking for one) for this newest addition to the city.

One passerby on the waterfront Friday morning said he thought it resembled a family of aliens. You can take it from there. Leave your ideas in the comments section below. You can even opt to post those comments directly to Facebook right from our site if you like.

Now, be creative because we might even read some of the best suggested names on the air.