This is a great father's day reminder that we can be such a blessing to our Dad's.  This son had promised his dad when he was 8 that on his dad's 57th birthday he'd buy him a 57 Chevy.  His reaction is priceless.

If you want to be a blessing to your dad.  Love them and who they are. Forgive them any short comings like you hope your kids will forgive you your imperfection some day. None of us are perfect, dads included and no matter how badly they express themselves or how unwise they were to work such long hours to provide for the kids they missed watching grow up, dads love their kids come hell or high water. Your best gift is to return the favor. Be proud of the good things they have done and the goodness in their character.  A little time, a little help and being a great friend... priceless.