Actor and comedian John Belushi died on this date in 1982.  Belushi was definitely in his prime, he was only 33 when he was found dead of a cocaine and heroin overdose.

Did you know that the day before his death Belushi had asked his manager for $1800 so that he could buy Bill Haley's guitar?  Apparently he used the cash instead to buy heroin.

The Chicago born actor got his start with the Second City comedy troupe, he then moved along to the National Lampoon Radio Show before becoming famous on Saturday Night Live.

What was your favorite Belushi character?  Watch the videos below if you'd like and then take our POLL!





  • 1

    Samurai Futaba

    Saturday Night Live
  • 2

    "Joliet' Jake Blues

    Blues Brothers
  • 3

    John "Bluto" Blutarsky

    Animal House
  • 4

    Captain "Wild" Bill Kelso

  • 5

    Ernie Souchak

    Continental Divide
  • 6

    Earl Keese

  • 7

    Pete, from the Neighborhood Cafe

    Saturday Nigh Live