Flick Chick here once again in the pursuit of truth, justice and keeping you from spending your hard earned money on movies that suck! Over the weekend I grabbed my best alien  grenades and headed into the Bangor Mall Cinemas to see ‘Edge of Tomorrow’.

This movie runs just under 2 hours, is considered an action, sci-fi and is PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, language and brief suggestive material. This film stars Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton


Lt. Col. Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) was ROTC in high school and after his marketing company fails he joins the service to run their public relations. Unfortunately, as the war with an alien race escalates along with human casualties it is decided that he would be more inspiring reporting from the front lines.  He attempts to refuse but is arrested and busted to pvt. Subsequently he is sent into combat to storm a beach.  During the battle his battalion is being slaughtered and when he is directly attacked by an Alpha alien and shoots it close range he doused with it’s blood and next thing he knows the whole scenario has reset itself and does so every time he dies. This allows him to begin to have a tactical advantage and in league with Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) who once had the same advantage but lost the ability, begins training him and formulation a plan for victory.


I am O.K. with Tom Cruise and I really like Emily Blunt.  They have good chemistry and she is good at playing the hard headed heroine. Several other things also make this movie effective.  Although as the story builds it drags but only for a second for the most part the action is ongoing.  I like the alien species; it is different than anything else I have seen. Like ‘Source Code’ and ‘Vantage Point’ this movie repeats sequences but in “Edge of Tomorrow’ they mix it up enough that it doesn’t get annoying or boring. In addition, this movie incorporates subtle humor that really works well and peels off the tension just the right amount. Finally the ending has so many possibilities it will most likely surprise you and make you think for a minute. Bear in mind I am a huge fan of sci-fi, on a scale of 1-10, I’d to give ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ a 9.


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