Flick Chick here once again in the pursuit of truth, justice and keeping you from spending your hard earned money on movies that suck! Over the weekend I transformed into my best alien bot suit and headed into the Bangor Mall Cinemas to see 'Transformers - Age Of Extinction'.

This movie runs 2 hours and 37 minutes, yeah it’s long, is considered an action, adventure, sci-fi and is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, language and brief innuendo . This film stars Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor, Li Bingbing, Han Geng, Stanley Tucci.


Fourth in the franchise this movie covers a future since the devastation of Chicago in the last. Autobots are being hunted by the military. And Optimous Prime is being hunted by more than that. I a quest for money a development company has swindled to get alien technology to build Autobots of our own. Meanwhile back on the farm, literally, Cade Yeager  an inventor in his own right is raising his teenage daughter and struggling to make money with his own inventions when he buys a scrap truck only to realize he has found Optimus and who will be helping who.


For starters by the time you get through the trailers this movie will keep you in your seat for more than 3 hours so don’t get the big drink. Fully of action this movie plays more like a video game to me and every time you reach the next level you get another piece of the story so for us non gamers you need to be patient. Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz act well together and you can tell by her outfits I am not the target audience here.  Still she did a fine job, there was a little humor which is always good, the story was followable if you waited and weren’t in the bathroom and if blowin’ stuff up, transformers and dinosaurs are your thing CHA CHING! Oooh baby. I think they should have kept it under 2 hours was my only complaint. On a scale of 1-10, I’d to give ‘Transformers – Age Of Extinction’ an 8.

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