You know that most people struggle with a maintaining a healthy diet.  Most physicians and nutritionist alike will confirm that portion size is a key to success. So how do you keep a portion appropriate and still feel full?  No surprise it’s all in your head and here’s how you can do it. Find plates that have more contrasting color to you food and mind the linens too.  Here’s the research:

A recent study by Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab showed the Plate Size and Color Suggestibility study discovered a link between food intake and the color of the plate - and found people subconsciously eat more when the food blends in with the crockery it’s placed on.

This theory was discovered after researchers enlisted the help of 60 participants, who were invited to a buffet serving pasta with tomato sauce and Alfredo (a creamy, white colored sauce).

The volunteers were randomly given either a white or red plate and were instructed to help themselves to the food. After serving their food, portion size was measured.

Researchers discovered that those who served Alfredo pasta on white plates ate between 17% and 22% (32 grams) more than those who ate the white, creamy pasta off a contrasting red-colored plate.

The study suggests that the plates with a contrasting color to the food, sends a 'wake-up call' to the brain that makes the person more aware of the portion size.

Researchers hope that this discovery could pave the way for more effective weight-loss plans.