I don’t watch a  lot of football, but I love the movie Super Troopers! Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud may have just became my favorite NFL player EVER for this prank live on ESPN.

In the movie Super Troopers one of the ‘games’ the idiotic troopers play is how many times one of them can say ‘meow’ durring a traffic stop. Decoud must be a fan of the flick because he manages to ‘meow’ 14 times in the interview!

Poor SportsCenter anchor Bram Weinstein appeared to have no idea what was going on!

When the segment aired Decoud took to Twitter. He Tweeted:

“Thanks for all the meow love, I hoped I did it well enough for it to be subtle but funny.”

Meow that’s awesome! You da man Thomas! MEOW!