Ready to know the secret to a happier marriage?  A company named recently commissioned a survey of 1000 couples here in the US to give us the answers. Here are the common things they feel are the proven ingredients to marital bliss.  The more you choose to fit in the happier you’ll both be.

Your To Do List for Romantic Bliss

  • Ten times a week, saying 'I love You'
  • 10 times a week, kissing
  • Cuddles per week - 7
  • 3 times a week make love
  • 10 conversations a month that are deep and meaningful
  • 3 date nights a month
  • Tip back 2 drinks together each month
  • Go ahead and pick one - 3 arguments a month
  • 3 surprise romantic gestures a month, a note, a card, something small
  • Time with just your friends twice each month
  • Boob tube time – watch TV cuddling six times per month
  • Take 2 vacations together each year
  • Fit in 2 weekend getaways per year
  • Get a few hobbies and interests you can do together

Per this poll here are other important things said to be beneficial to consider.

Accepting each others faults, trust, honesty, respecting each other, supporting each other, being able to say sorry, being kind to each other, saying 'I love you' , quality time together, give and take on both sides , compromising , loyalty, being best friends, a positive outlook/personality, having a sense of humor, understanding , giving each other time alone, sharing the household duties, not criticizing each other in front of others, talking everything through, being able to argue and forget about it, remembering anniversaries and birthdays, sharing parental duties, ending an argument before going to bed.

Some of the things this study sited from couples who classed themselves as “unhappy” were simply growing apart from their partner and  financial problems. Also noted were not as having much in common, spending little time together and affairs are also among the reasons for not being happily married.

A spokesman for global market researchers, which commissioned the research, said: 'Anyone can get married, but it takes a lot of commitment and effort to make your marriage a perfect one.