Welcome to our new weekly feature, Foxy Friday Face-off, where we poll the ever observant I-95 listener, a definitive connoisseur of beauty, among other things.

Just for kicks and because we're entirely too bored while that Aerosmith song is playing, let us explain how it will work.

It's really quite simple, just tell us who you think is the foxiest!

Every following Foxy Friday we'll have the week's prior winner go up against a new contestant.

OK, here you go, have fun, and remember, we're counting on you!

Hannah Davis is a Sport's Illustrated model, has or still is dating Derek Jeter, and was recently featured in DirecTV's television commercials as the Genie Girl.  Her eyes are mesmerizing, either that or we can't stop staring at her.

Jessica Alba is a television and movie actress, she's a model, business owner and mother.  She's come a long way since her start in the Fox TV show Dark Angel.  She's one of the most beautiful females on this planet, or any other planet for that matter.