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Our quest for the ultimate top-shelf fox of the land continues!

How did our contestants fare last week, well here's a brief  re-cap!  Our English beauty, actress Kate Beckinsale won the match with Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova by picking up 57% of the vote!  So, now Kate moves into the semi-finals!  Make sure that you see our fancy bracket filled with extreme foxiness!

This week we move to the Western Division to see who will take on the beautifully sweet Jessica Alba!  MAKE SURE THAT YOU VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE, MANY TIMES!  LOOK FOR THE POLL QUESTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!

Our first contestant is Jennifer Love Hewitt!  Jennifer, 34, just had a baby girl, and is enjoying motherhood.  He latest show, The Client List, is on indefinite hiatus. Jennifer beat singer Taylor Swift in the preliminary round.  We think that Jennifer is smart and gorgeous, and that she could stop by and whisper to the ghosts in our studio anytime!

Our second contestant is actress Scarlett Johansson!  Scarlett faced a formidable opponent during the preliminary round in actress Mila Kunis, but she lived to see another round of foxiness, and we're very excited about that!  Scarlett was named Esquire magazine's 2013 “Sexiest Woman Alive“!  Watch the trailer to her new movie below!