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Last week's Face-Off between Jessica Alba and Megan Fox was a knock down drag out fight to the finish as the two took to the mats intertwined in a sweaty hair pulling punch filled cat fight. Just imagine.  Hard to lose the image isn't it?  The final outcome saw Jessica taking 72% of the vote which thrusts her into the Foxy Friday Face-Off Semi-Finals!

Make sure that you check out our very cool almost professional looking bracket.

This week we move back to the Eastern Division as actress Kate Beckinsale is opposed by tennis player/model Anna Kournikova, yes we may see a few backhands.

Our first contestant is the lovely English born Kate Beckinsale,who was Esquire Magazine's World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2009. Sporting fabulously curly hair, Kate played the lead role in the Underworld movies. She also smoked up the screen in last year’s Total Recall flick, and you can look for her in The Trials Of Kate McCall later this year and then Eliza Graves next year. She’s 40 years old and resides in London, and probably knows Paul McCartney.

32 year old Anna Kournikova is our favorite Russian turned American tennis player! Anna was never really a big time successful tennis player, although she did play the pro circuit and did win a few doubles championships. Anna filled in for Jillian Michaels place during one season of “The Biggest Loser”, although she’s a big time winner in our book, and of course our book !has a lot of pictures in it! Anna is currently holed up with singer Enrique Inglesias on an island off the coast of Florida. That smooth talkin’ Enrique, he’s one lucky guy! Anna hopes that you’ll serve up a vote or two for her!